The Department of Biocides and Medical Ecology provides preventive deratization and disinsection services in order to destroy harmful species of insects and rodents that transmit infectious diseases and cause economic damage in:

1. Confectionery industry
– Slaughterhouses
– Dairies
– Bakeries
– Hospitality
– To the store
– Electrical systems
– Livestock facilities
– Mill and bakery industry
– Commercial and residential buildings
– Protection of cultural goods

Pest control is a set of preventive direct measures aimed at reducing rodents to a biological minimum. By their activity, rodents transmit infectious diseases and cause economic damage. In addition to these facts, rodents cause repulsion and disgust among citizens with their activity. The implementation of rodent control activities in the above facilities has its own legal basis, the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases No. rati Pest control is performed by the following methods:

1. Preventive measures:

– Agrotechnical measures
– Technologically manipulative measures
– Sanitary and hygienic measures
– Construction and technical measures
– Repellents
– Ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves

2. Mechanical-physical method:

– Biological method
– Genetic method
– Chemical method