Tick ​​control is carried out on green areas of 16 city municipalities on the territory of Belgrade, in the following localities: Lipovačka forest, SP “Jajinci”, Miljakovačka forest, Banjica, Topčider, Hyde park, Košutnjak, Pionirski grad, Filmski grad, Nova Skojevska street, park on Banovo Brdo, Bele Vode Park, Ada Ciganlija, Šumice and surroundings, Zvezdarska forest, Tašmajdan, Kalemegdan, Ušće with the coast and surrounding parks in New Belgrade, Bojčinska forest, Stepin gaj, Avala, Grocka, Mladenovac, Sopot, Lazarevac, Barajevo, Surcin.

Organization and dynamics of tick control

The organization and dynamics of tick control is performed in accordance with the previously performed monitoring of ticks, based on the received calls from citizens and depending on the weather conditions.
Ticks are treated during their peak activity (the first treatment during April and May, and the second treatment during September and October).
Tick ​​control is performed during the day, in the period from 10 to 16 hours under adequate weather conditions (appropriate temperature and humidity, appropriate wind speed and no precipitation). In order for the preparation to be applied evenly over a certain locality and to have an effect, it is necessary for the temperature to be below 28 degrees, for the wind not to be above 3 m per hour, and for it not to rain for the next 48 hours.
If, after the monitoring, an increased number of ticks is found in a certain part of the city, the control of ticks will be carried out at that location as soon as possible.

Description of locations

During the control of ticks, care is taken of the surfaces on which these spider-like arthropods are controlled. Parks, picnic areas, promenades, forests, forest parks, children’s playgrounds, sports centers and other green areas where citizens live are treated.


The treatment of tick control is performed with a biocidal product that is safe for human health and registered for that purpose.


IGEBA LV ground treatment devices and STIHL back atomizers are used to control ticks.